English-speaking customers

Concerned about offering the best service and advice to our English Speaking Customers, Crédit Agricole Nord Midi-Pyrénées, as the largest bank in our area, has created an English Speaking Branch dedicated to you.

Day-to-day living in France

MasterCard for English customers

Instant cash and payment facilities in France and abroad

Gold Mastercard for English customers

More than just a credit card: the key to a world of top-class services

Mortgages and personal loans


Consult us about our competitive rates and flexible mortgage plans

Savings and investments

CEL for English customers

Easy access to your savings and a great deal on your home loan.

PEL for English customers

High-performance savings and a guaranteed interest rate for your home loan.

Compte Sur Livret for English customers

The no-strings savings solution that combines flexibility and availability.

Personal and property insurance