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  You have an interest in our area (i.e. Property owner), you can open a French bank account with Crédit Agricole Nord Midi-Pyrénées in no time at all !

CA NORD MIDI-PYRENEES has a dedicated branch for English speaking customers. Access to this branch is only reserved for people who have an interest in one of our 4 departments (Aveyron, Lot, Tarn and Tarn et Garonne).
We will not be able to follow up requests from you if your interest is in an other part of France. You should make an inquiry in one of the CRÉDIT AGRICOLE local branches.

In order to open an account, we thank you to fill in precisely the enclosed Mandate and send us it back with all documents required (for each applicant):

          A certified copy of your passport,
          Originals or certified copies (as for passport) of :
                          - Birth certificate
                          - Marriage certificate
                          - Utility bill (not mobile phone) less than 3 months old
                          - Driving licence
                          - Evidence of income
                                   * copies of your last 3 months' salary slips + latest tax declaration
                                   * pension statement + latest tax declaration
                                   * if self employed, most recent self assessment / inland
                                     revenue tax declaration

               If you require a separate correspondence address please also provide
               original or certified evidence of this address.

          Copies of your last 2 months bank statements from your main account, showing
               general living expenditure and income (computer printouts will not be accepted)
          A Banker's reference from your main bank to confirm suitability to open an account.
               This is essential for each applicant and must be an original.
          A cheque from your current bank account, either for an initial deposit of at least
                150€ (equivalent) or voided if you prefer to make a wire transfer.


We thank you for taking the time to fully complete your application for an account with us.
Please return this form together with the above documents to :

6, boulevard du 122 R.I.
12000 RODEZ

Upon receipt, one of our English speaking advisors will contact you to acknowledge your file and plan with you an appointment.