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CREDIT AGRICOLE NORD MIDI-PYRÉNÉES offers you a large range of bank cards with the issue of a MASTERCARD.

This enables you to make payments and cash withdrawals anywhere in France and abroad.

The payments are automatically debited from your bank account; this card is not a credit card.

There is an annual fee for the card which is reduced by 30% for a second card issued on a joint account.



In case of loss or theft of your bank card:

You should contact the Mastercard Call Centre on +33 (0) giving your card number or indicating your own details (name, surname, account number,...)

It is then an obligation to confirm this in writing to CA NORD MIDI-PYRÉNÉES.

Your liability in case of loss or theft:
                    - before advising bank: your liability is engaged
                    - after advising bank: your liability is released for all operations

If you hold a Compte Service, the current account of CRÉDIT AGRICOLE, your liability is totally released and the cancellation fees will be our charge.

For more information you can contact one of our English speaking advisors